The history of our kennel begins at the end of the 20th century, in 90th, full of hardships for all Russians.


Griffon bruxellois is rare breed in the world, almost not known in Russia at all, but our choice was not realized, cause the breed had chosen us by itself.

We always liked the big working breeds – Giant schnauzer and Rottweiler. We bought our first griffons – Mitek and Karlusha in an awful state from the dog traders. We nursed them for a long time then. But the happiness from communicating with Mitek and Karlusha helped us to overcome all difficulties and hardships.


ERDO EBRESZTO BEA – small size and very feminine, strong with filled body, square format, of excellent type female with beautiful big head of nice form and proportions. Her hair pale and red with black color had become mixed with the age. Because we had no males of black and tan color, we could not check Karlusha on heterozygosity. We are still dreaming of getting a bitch with her appearance and temper.


Getting into our house by chance at the age of 2, Karlusha had chosen Nadezda as an owner, and made everything to stay and place herself in the head of a pack: mum, daughter, Giant schnauzer, cats and young griffon –Mitek. Also she had chosen Mitek to be her husband forever and all our attempts to breed her with another male had failed. Firm and power character of an absolutely confident leader, very calm and friendly with people, dogs and especially puppies, very happy and playful behavior at the show-rings – everything this combined in our Karlusha.


DIXI MONGE – our first Griffon bruxellois conquered us and our friends forever and made us fans of the breed.

Small size but very brave, square and volumetric, with harsh hair of an ideal structure. The picture of his head is still standing on the badges, posters, diplomas presenting itself as an ideal form of a head of Griffon bruxellois. Hard childhood did not help him to develop physically but his unique character made us happy for long period of 13 years.

Mitek was a real gentleman. Very brave and sometimes desperately courageous in defending the bitches of his pack, including the most loving Giant schnauzer, he was also very discreet and allowed no familiarities.

He allowed to fondle himself at home only when he wanted to. He demonstrated himself with pleasure at the shows and communicated with everybody who wanted to. Experts and breed lovers always mentioned the extraordinary charm of this dog.

We were lucky cause DIXI MONGE and ERDO EBRESZTO BEA were dogs from the leading Central European kennels of that time. Their first type puppies have proved the future availability of use of that couple as a stud dogs.



Dixi Monge, Erdo Ebreszto Bea



ERDO EBRESZTO BEA was the bitch from the producers from Hungarian kennel «RED DEVILS». She was bred in inbreeding , 2x2 on famous Griffon bruxellois ILKLEY MOOR CAPTAIN HOOK (Inter and Multichampion), whose ancestors were from England – Interchampion GAYSTOCK FORDE MAJEUR OF ILKLEY MOOR and Champion dog CYNJON ASSETS ABOUND OF ILKLEY MOOR. From the mothers line ERDO EBRESZTO BEA was the follower of HUVIKUMMUN MISS AS MARILYN through her grandma HUVIKUMMUN HOLLYWOOD MISS, who was imported in Hungary from Finland.

DIXI MONGE was the continuer of the line of famous dog in Europe - ST.JOHNS SENTIMENTAL JORNEY(Inter and Multichampion) who was imported to Holland from USA, through his father multiple World Champion FEE-BLACK KOMPAS ROSE, on the base of linebreeding on pair of interchampions NIKKIE VAN DEN HEERSCHUUR (Holland) and DEBBY VOM LUSTINGEN KLEEBLATT (Germany).


At the same time, on mothers line, with a help of a grandfather Interchampion GROLLEKE KOMPASS ROSE VAN DEN PLATTE BELSKES, the pedigree of DIXI MONGE ascending to great American producer, Inter and Multichampion DIXI MONGE.

Mitek had a successful show career, had become an Interchampion and Multichampion, but the greatest and most important trophy is the victory at producers competition at “Eurasia -2001” show . At anniversary show (10 years of RKF) the most numerous and competitive contest of producers of the 2nd and 9th group of FCI, Mitek and his children had won this contest in competition with legendary Yashka Malakhovsky the Russian black terrier and MILLAMARTEN BONAPARTE - the poodle, and other greatly titled dogs of the World and Europe.


Now the line of DIXI MONGE in our kennel successfully continues by his straight offsprings – griffon belge Lubimiy Yoj Ejovich iz Mitkov Ekateriny and Petit Brabancon Godzilla iz Mitkov Ekateriny.

Including energies of our kennel Griffon bruxellois gradually became not just famous, but popular breed in Russia.


The new era in kennel began in July 1998 when we bought a Griffon bruxellois bitch ENDLESS DREAM from Holland kennel «LEO BELGICUS».

Dream arrived to us at the age of 5 months and right away her strong build and indomitable cheerfulness of her character charmed us a lot. She was totally different type of Griffon bruxellois and we began to think how to use such a “Treasure” in breeding. Very large bitch with perfect anatomy and very deep volumetric body. She had large beautiful head with a great expression of big eyes. Because of the well balanced angulations with solid joints and medium sized body with very strong topline, she could run diligently and for a long time, almost as German sheepdog.


Leo Belgicus Endless Dream – the one and only tribal bitch in Russia from the leading European kennel descend from the family of American bitch Halloween van den Platte Belskes.


Dream's father - famous black and tan color griffon belge Leo Belgicus United Colors, is World Winner-2003 (German), Dutch, Int., Belgian, German, VDH, French, Lux., American, Italian champion.

Dream’s magnificent pedigree let us make different blood combinations. Sometimes they were very risky because of close inbreeding. And so almost all best griffins in our kennel have Dream in their pedigree. That’s why they got recognition on international shows and the highest world and European titles FCI. The main thing is that we succeed to raise perfect stud dogs which are continue Dream lines with dignity in our kennel and other kennels of Russia (“Pink Kvest”, “iz Mira zvezd’, “Ovaciya”) and Belarus (“Ave Muza”).

All Dream’s offspring have inherited the wonderful health and perfect character of the companion dog.


There is another family in our kennel. Its founder the great bitch from USA Madgic Crystal, which is heterozygous for black and tan color. She has perfect show temperament, that goes to her offspring. Crystal and her children are successfully shown in any conditions and with any handler. They have very rich coat, long and volumetric whiskers and beard, much coat on pads. Such coat has to be groom thoroughly, but it looks very beautiful and striking while showing.


Crystal’s line in our kennel continues successfully by International Champion Viktoria Tuchkovo iz Mitkov Ekateriny (black and tan), Champion Shut Shiko iz Mitkov Ekateriny (red) and his young daughter Ultra iz Mitkov Ekateriny (Red).

More than 15 years we patronizing our Griffons and they supporting us. Their red shaggy paws helps us every time and everywhere.

“Only healthy Griffon – beautiful griffon”

is our motto more then 15 years.


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